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Saturday, January 24, 2004

This is coolbert: Yes, the U.S. Constitution makes specific mention of the situation we are in now. "The right of habeas corpus cannot be suspended, except [key word here] during time of war or [key word here] national emergency, when the public safety may demand it, as determined by Congress [they delegate to the Pres]." Seems pretty clear, doesn't it? Well, as with most things, people like to finagle and nitpick about the details. We have this litigious society that seems to be able with the right lawyer to argue and plead anything. Except when it came to the Nazi saboteurs during WW2. Then, everything was OK. Go figure.

What I see with this airline travel is all pathetic, as far as I can see. Why do all these people need to carry all this stuff on the airline anyhow? I see persons in line with a backpack front and back, a duffel bag in their arms, and pushing a duffel bag on the ground in front of them with their feet. I know they just don't want to wait for the baggage at the distant end. They want to get out of the airport in a hurry. But they are just causing such a hassle for everyone at the boarding destination. And danger by making the job of the screeners that more difficult. The screeners are not able to concentrate where they should be. Too much noise [excess baggage] for them to check passengers properly as they should be.



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