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Monday, May 26, 2008

Man or Woman?

This is coolbert:

Please read this incredible stuff from the Daniel Pipes weblog:

Recent incidents [the known ones] where men dressing in women's Islamic dress committed crimes or acts of war. Just like what occurred in Philadelphia just a week or so ago now. [the thugs in Philly were evidently wearing silver sunglasses over their eyes. EVEN THE EYE SLIT FOR THE FACE MASK WAS COVERED, ALBEIT WITH SUNGLASSES!!]

"The Niqab and Burqa as Security Threats"

"the niqab and burqa should both be banned on security grounds, 'as one cannot have faceless persons walking the streets, driving cars, or otherwise entering public spaces.' . . . this blog [the particular entry of Pipes] will document the current dangers, especially in the West, of the burqa and niqab as a disguise"

I was somewhat surprised that SO MANY incidents of this type have occurred. Easy for the villains to commit crimes and NOT EVER be caught or convicted? Even security cameras do you NO GOOD when the bad guy is covered from head to toe AND YOU CANNOT TELL EVEN AT CLOSE INSPECTION IF IT IS A WOMAN OR A MAN!!




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