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Friday, May 30, 2008

Medal of Dishonor!

This is coolbert:

his tongue shall be cut out, and his face branded with the rune of Loki!!"

From the Chicago Tribune, 28 May 2008:

More on the motives of the liar/prevaricator/military impostor/poseur’/fake war hero.

The Legion of Valor. A private, nation-wide organization [club], membership limited to those persons who have been awarded:

* Medal of Honor.

* Navy Cross.

* Air Force Cross.

* Distinguished Service Cross [Army].

ONLY eight hundred members total. Persons who have been awarded a high decoration for valor in combat!

A number of impostors claim to be members of the Legion of Valor. When discovered, are being “outed” and exposed for what they are.

I had thought that the primary motivation for the fake war hero would be psychological. “Sad Sack” individuals who make false claims to bolster low self-esteem. Distressed persons who live a fantasy life in their own head. Persons with “issues” that cannot be resolved in the normal manner.

Motivations in some cases are not strictly psychological, however.

“Half-a-dozen states currently offer special license plates to members of the Legion of Valor.” To include Texas and Illinois, for instance. Clearly marked as to the designation, conspicuous.

There are marked benefits [not that marked, but nonetheless, valid!] for those displaying the special license plate. With regard to Texas:

“Dallas and other Texas cities allow drivers who display them to ignore parking meters and to park for free at state facilities, including airports such a DFW [Dallas/Ft. Worth], where valet parking for travelers can run to $24 a day.”

[to those that would assert that such “benefits” are chickenshit, think how often you have seen someone with a handicapped license plate use a reserved parking space and NOT appear to be handicapped in the normal, generally accepted, commonly defined meaning of the word HANDICAPPED!!]

Making claims as to false decorations and claims of valor can now earn you a trip to prison or a stiff fine.

AND IT SHOULD BE SO!! No mercy on the liar/prevaricator/military impostor/poseur’/fake war hero!!




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