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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Russia Forever?

This is coolbert:

Mark Steyn the Canadian writer is being interviewed on the Michael Medved radio talk show this afternoon.

Makes some startling comments and cites statistics concerning Russia that are most alarming [from the Russian viewpoint].

Statistics such as:

* 70 % of pregnancies in Russia result in abortions.

* By the year 2015 at least 50 % of the troops in the Russian military will be Muslim, nominal or otherwise.

One hundred years ago, a German general staff officer would have referred to the Russian military as "the steamroller". An army [Russian] using a supply of seemingly inexhaustible manpower to crush opposition using inexorable force applied without subtlety or finesse', quite often heedless of losses.

"I am sending out battalions and only squads are returning!!" - - Russian Prince at Plevna.

Gist is that the Russian nation will not have enough able-bodied men to man a military of the size needed to guard their vast territory. Do NOT have enough now, will have even less in the future. It is not only numbers alone, but having enough healthy young men to choose from. [especially when NOT from the traditional Slavic population that has always formed the historical base of Russian nationhood!]

These trends do not bode well for the future of the Russian nation. They are a people on the way out? NOW awash in petro-dollars - - BUT - - all for nought if your population is declining and sickly?

Russia in the future will not EVEN HAVE THE BATTALIONS TO BEGIN WITH - - much less be able to "send them forth" into battle?



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