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Friday, April 11, 2008

Boots II. [End]

This is coolbert:

"Commando? What kind of word is that, Commando?" - - from the movie "Breaker Morant"

"Give us this day - - our daily Afrikaner!" - - Bert.

General Casey, the U.S. Army Chief of Staff [CoS], is being questioned several weeks ago by a Congressional committee. The ability of the U.S. Army to continue operations in Iraq AND fulfill other obligations is being questioned.


NOT enough boots on the ground, stretched too thin, insufficient dwell time, inadequate troops available for contingencies, etc.

[dwell time is a period of rest between continued deployments to a combat zone. During the Vietnam era, a career man was allowed twenty-five months between further deployments to the war zone!]

A real dilemma. Quality of the military force is going down. And still not enough troops can be trained in time and deployed, even when an astronomically high enlistment bonus is being offered?

What to do?

Recruit and form an American Ghurkha Legion for one thing. This has been the subject of a previous blog entry. Touchy subject, hiring mercenaries to fight American wars. Has now become a necessity?

Here too is another ethnic group that is worthy to be formed into an American Foreign Legion?

The Afrikaans speaking people of South Africa. An American Afrikaner Legion? [Afrikaner is the accepted nationality. Afrikaans is the language spoken by same!]

About 8,000 South Africans have already served in Iraq. Mostly of the Afrikaner nationality? Private independent contractors primarily performing duties such as mine-clearing and sentry duty. Accomplished their tasks quite well from what I understand. Most have now returned to their homeland.

Recruit these folks, perhaps several brigade size contingents [5,000 men/brigade], almost exclusively devoted to combat arms skills [infantry, armor, artillery, air defense, aviation].

At your disposal you ALREADY HAVE A LARGE GROUP OF TRAINED AND EXPERIENCED INDIVIDUALS TO CHOOSE FROM!! NOT RAW RECRUITS! Persons bilingual, able to speak excellent English in addition to their native tongue [Afrikaans]. Superior personnel both mentally and physically! Can be officered at the lower echelons of command [platoon, company] by Afrikaners who possess military command experience and ability!

An American Afrikaner Legion equipped with Stryker or Buffalo vehicles and Panhard ERC 90 Sagaie (Engin de Reconnaissance à Canon de 90 mm) armored cars. Provide a modern variation of the Boer Commando. Hard-hitting and fast moving military units capable of waging unconventional warfare if necessary. Light infantry toops of the highest quality, deployable to any point in the world at a moments' notice!

[harness old traditions to create outstanding esprit' among Afrikaner troops!]

Innovative incentives can be offered prospective recruits.

* Serve four years, automatic U.S. citizenship.

* Serve six years, citizenship, and guaranteed tax free lot and new home in small town USA.

* Serve ten years, citizenship, guaranteed lot and home, and large parcel of land that can be farmed.

[again, the old traditions of the Afrikaner can be harnessed. Boer means FARMER!]

I also realize that in some circles, within Congress and American society, this idea of recruiting Afrikaners for a distinct American Legion unit will be met with skepticism and downright hostility.

As I have said before, "if it works, so what!!" Go for it!




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