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Saturday, April 05, 2008

La Legion.

This is coolbert:

Seeking a military career and want to be part of the best? Join the French Foreign Legion. Still in existence, almost 8,000 troops world-wide. A totally professional force, setting high standards, demanding and exacting.

All personnel [legionnaires], receive a degree of training to be riflemen, and CAN function as such if required!

"French Foreign Legion
Le Recrutement

If you decide to enlist and become a legionnaire, be prepared from the start for a rough physical regimen.

From the recruitment web site:

"Selection is carried out in Aubagne near Marseille."

A selection process which includes:

* "psycho-technical tests" [aptitude/IQ/personality]

* "medical tests" [a preliminary exam followed by a much more stringent and exacting medical exam.]

* "sports tests" (luc-leger "navette")

With regard to the latter, "sports tests", prospective recruits are given a quick and dirty series of tests to determine physical fitness and stamina. A certain degree of demonstrable physical fitness is required before you are accepted for enlistment. The legion is a professional force and does not just accept anyone [the reputation in the past was that the legion WOULD ENLIST ALMOST ANY APPLICANT!] NOW, ONLY good material need apply.

This "sports tests" consist of four events:

1. LUC LEGER - A rhythmic race, alternating 20 meters in 1 minute and 20 meters in 2 minutes (Make at least 7 landings). [one back and forth on the 20 meter course is a "landing".]

2. PULLUPS - make at least 4 pullups.

3. ROPE - Climb 5 meter rope at least once.

4. ABDOMINAL MUSCLES - do at least 40 situps.

This level of DEMONSTRABLE physical fitness is required for recruits accepted into the legion as basic trainees. Beyond that, a MUCH HIGHER LEVEL of physical fitness will be attained and maintained during the initial five year enlistment [during that first year, you can drop out with honor if you wish!].

Be prepared!




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