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Friday, March 28, 2008


This is coolbert:

Speaking of the Chinese:

From the Chicago Tribune the other day:

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“In a rare dire appeal from Guantanamo Bay, a prisoner from western China says the United States is holding him and fellow Chinese Muslims in harsh conditions, even though authorities told them in 2004 and 2005 that they were innocent and would be set free. Abdulghappar Turkistani says in the letter, obtained by The Associated Press, that he and other Uighurs in Guantanamo were being held in cramped and windowless cells.”

Uighurs [wee-gars]. Muslim people living in the western part of China. NOT Han Chinese. An Indo-European people more than anything else?

There is restiveness among the Uighur for some time now. As with the Tibetans!

Only problem the Uighur have is that the Han Chinese outnumbers them about 1000 to 1! [same situation for the Tibetans too!]

As with Tibet, the homeland of the Uighur has become an integral part of China. Dissidence suppressed with the harshest methods possible.

Abdulghappar complains that he is being held in a cramped and windowless cell.


Well, perhaps it can be arranged for Abdulghappar to be repatriated to China. There he will get lots of fresh air working outdoors on “projects” in the Chinese “GULAG”. Socialist reconstructive labor for the next thirty years, if he makes it that far!

[the LAG in GULAG stand for "lagery" in Russian. Camp! Cognate with the word "lager". In Chinese the GULAG is called the "laogai". A corruption of the Russian word?]

Abdulghappar - - better off where he is now!!?? Am I being excessively harsh and cynical here??!!




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