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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tibet I.

This is coolbert:

By now, the devoted reader will be keenly aware that Tibetan refugees world-wide are carrying on a series of demonstrations and protests directed against Chinese rule in Tibet. Peaceful demonstrations and protests in Chicago [U.S.], New York [U.S.], Zurich [Switzerland], Hamburg [Germany], Dharmasala [India], etc.

There has also been - - a series of less than peaceful actions by Tibetans in the capital city of Lhasa? Rioting is a better description? Arson, beatings of Han Chinese, etc?

The modern history of Tibet has not been good! That is an understatement. It has been almost sixty years now since the invasion and occupation [1950] of Tibet by the Peoples Liberation Army [PLA] of the Chinese communists. And almost fifty years now since the last [??] major rebellion [1959] of the Tibetans against Chinese [Han] domination!!

[since 1950 there have been six major rebellions and forty minor ones against Chinese rule in Tibet. All suppressed with great violence bordering upon the genocidal!!]

The Buddhist religion and teachings of same severely limit the manner with which the Tibetan people can react to aggression by the Han Chinese??

The exiled ruler of Tibet, the Dalai Lama, is urging his followers to NOT resort to force in any circumstances.

The use of violence to resolve conflicts, even in self-defense, IS NOT ESPOUSED BY THE TEACHINGS OF BUDDHA??!! Think of the non-resisting Buddhist monks beheaded [4,000 in one day] by the Muslim invader at the University of Nalanda, or the current low-intensity conflict currently being carried out by Muslim “dissidents” in the southern most province of Thailand, non-resisting Buddhist monks again being a prime target!

Peaceful non-resistance - - NOT an attitude, however, universally held by ALL Tibetan people.

The Khamba tribesmen for instance. The Khambas DO have a reputation as warriors and DID resist the Chinese invasion and occupation of Tibet. Excellent horsemen accustomed to carrying rifles and SWORDS as part of their daily dress.

Were trained and equipped by the CIA to conduct guerrilla warfare against the PLA.

A guerrilla warfare campaign that lasted for the better part of a decade, before sputtering to a halt!

[guerrilla warfare, whether practiced in Albania or Tibet, just does not seem to work against communist powers!]

The Tibetan people, now as in 1950, face a foe [Han Chinese] who can apply overwhelming force in an overwhelming manner, without qualms!

Can someone suggest - - an answer - - that will work - - for the Tibetans!!??


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regarding tibetan military, you might be interested in this.

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