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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Gas II - - Conclusion.]

This is coolbert:

For some reason, the Japanese use of chemical weapons against the Chinese during World War Two [WW2] has not been a subject of controversy. NOT EVEN covered in conventional histories or even acknowledged at all!!??

The use of poison gas was much more widespread that anyone realizes!?

"Poison Gas"

"At the outbreak of the Wusung-shanghai campaign on August 13, 1937, the Japanese army used poison gas against Chinese troops. In the succeeding eight years of war, Japan had used poison gases 1,131 times in 14 Chinese provinces."

[this would of course cover the years from 1937 until surrender in 1945. To what extent chemical munitions were employed after 7 December is not mentioned! Release for commanders in the field to use poison gas had to be obtained from Hirohito himself!!??]

"The Changde chemical weapon attack refers to the use of chemical and biological weapons by Japan during the Battle of Changde in the Chinese Province of Hunan in April and May, 1943."

NOT ONLY did the Japanese employ chemical munitions in China with abandon, the manufacture and stockpiling of same [chemicals] was done on a massive basis. This was the work of Unit 516. It would seem that enormous amounts of chemical weaponry fell into the hands of the Soviets, the Chinese communists, and the Chinese Nationalists.

"Unit 516 was a top secret Japanese chemical weapons facility, operated by the Kempeitai, in Qiqihar (齊齊哈爾), China."

Japanese chemical weapons stockpiles ARE STILL BEING FOUND ALL OVER CHINA, TO THIS DAY!! POSE A SEVERE AND UNRELENTING PROBLEM THAT WILL BE AROUND FOR DECADES??!! A big source of friction between China and Japan.

"Disposing of Japan's World War II Poison Gas in China"

Let us make it clear now! We are NOT talking about unexploded chemical rounds found in a random manner. We are talking about large, intact, and still deadly stockpiles of QUANTITIES of poison gas rounds.

The Japanese, and historians in general, for some reason, are just able to come to grips with this aspect of WW2!!

[also, let me say that German use of poison gas during WW2 was in very specific circumstances. Used against enemy fighters hiding in underground sewers and catacombs. The heavier than air poison gas is more easily used in such a situation!]




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