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Friday, March 28, 2008

Trench Gun/Combat Shotgun.

This is coolbert:

Believe it or not, the Model 97 shotgun, in the trench gun variety is still available. Reproductions manufactured by the Chinese firm, Norinco, exported to the U.S. and purchased by those individuals preparing for trench raids.

Norinco Model 97 Trench Gun 12g 20" barrel.

"This is an authentic reproduction of the original 1917 WWI Trench Gun,a hammer pump shotgun complete with proper markings, finish and wood. Norinco's modern manufacturing technology has enabled them to recreate this classic beauty with it's ruggedness, durability, and balance."

Twenty [20] inch [51 centimeters] barrel, twelve gauge shotgun, pump action.

This weapon has an apparent bead front-sight ONLY. NO rear sight. Modern combat shotguns come with rifling, front and rear sights. Can employ a variety of SABOT rounds of awesome capability [flechettes/armor piercing/canister]. For those that want a BIG bore weapon, a SABOT round that fires a .68 caliber slug is available! Can stop an elephant if you encounter one.



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