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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Flying Tank IV. [Conclusion]

This is coolbert:

In his book, "Inside the Red Army", Suvorov devotes an entire chapter to the subject of the "Flying Tank".

NOT, however, the Antonov A-40. Rather, Suvorov has in mind the Soviet Mi-24 "Hind" helicopter.

In the perspective of the Soviet general officer, according to Suvorov, there is almost no difference between a tank and a helicopter [attack version that is].

From the chapter, "Flying Tank":

"the Soviet generals believe that to all intents and purposes the helicopter is a tank. In fact they find it difficult to distinguish between the two."

A helicopter is related to the tank in that it can:

* "seize territory" [and hold].

* "high speeds and unrestricted cross-country performance".

* "approximately the same firepower[ helicopter has] as a tank".

* "can operate in open ground" [both tank and helicopter].

* "see[s] the enemy in front of them".

With regard to firepower and the ability to "seize territory", the Mi-24 helicopter is uniquely qualified. Very potent task-tailored weapons array can be employed AND CAN CARRY A SQUAD OF EIGHT INFANTRY AS WELL. BOTH AN ATTACK AND TRANSPORT HELICOPTER AT THE SAME TIME!!

The Mi-24 [in various versions] can be equipped with:

* Quad 12.7 mm machine guns.

* Anti-tank guided missiles [ATGM].

* Rockets.

* Cannon.

* Bombs.

Acquires and engages targets using:

* Forward looking infra-red [FLIR].

* Radar with moving target indicator [MTI].

* Low light television [LLTV].

The Mi-24 was also unique in that it possessed considerable ARMOR!

"Armored cockpits and titanium rotor head able to withstand 20-mm cannon hits."

The role of the Mi-24 is now somewhat passe'? The most recent versions of Russian attack helicopters [Ka-50 and Mi-28], while being able provide devastating firepower support, no longer have the capability to carry an eight man infantry squad! Territory can now be seized, but NOT held!?

Tank and helicopter almost one and the same? In the minds of the Soviet generals - - at the time - - yes!




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