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Monday, April 14, 2008

A la baionnette! - - Again!!

This is coolbert:

Here are some photos and commentary thanks to the excellent web site by Professor Rudy Rummel. A man who has been a finalist for the Nobel Peace Prize.

The photographs speak for themselves. What was it the guy said? OH, YES, "one picture worth a thousand words" - - Confucius!!

"One picture is worth more than ten thousand words."
----Chinese proverb

"the military [Japanese] frequently used their prisoners to give their new soldiers bayonet practice and to harden them to killing."

"During the Sino-Japanese War, 1937-1945, one of the many ways the Japanese military would murder their Chinese prisoners was by bayonet. But this was not a simple execution. Often the purpose was to give their new soldiers real life bayonet practice, and especially to remove their normal inhibitions against killing other human beings."

"Amongst the heathen we shall find none that exceed the Japanese in manners!!" - - Saint Francis Xavier.

They Japanese once again exhibiting a contradiction in their basic character? The oh-so-polite-and-mannerly Japanese behaving as a savage and barbarian when outside of the home islands!!

And those Japanese soldiers COULD HAVE NOT GOTTEN MUCH BAYONET TRAINING AND PRACTICE!! Those victims are tied, on their knees, weaponless, helpless and not resisting.

Unfortunately, the practice of, "harden [ing] them to killing", and "remove [ing] their normal inhibitions against killing" did not begin or end with the defeat of the Japanese during World War Two [WW2].

Was a common practice in the old Soviet Union [and maybe still is in Russia today??]. According to Suvorov, the Soviet Spetsnaz troops, on occasion [??], were given the opportunity to engage in hand-to-hand combat TO THE DEATH WITH A CONDEMNED CRIMINAL AS PART OF THEIR NORMAL TRAINING!!

More on this topic from the writings of Suvorov:

"What we call 'a puppet' is actually a man. A special kind of man for training purposes. For example, you can hit him. But unlike your partner in a match [sparring] or your instructor [SAMBO master], a puppet also puts up a fight, and may even kill you . . . Our work is very risky and exceptionally responsible. Just imagine . . . a group of Spetnaz who have the task of slitting the throats of some sleeping enemy soldiers hesitate because they are not used to killing or simply because they suddenly experience feelings of compassion, charity or humanity . . . To prevent that happening, they invented the 'puppets' . . . In the Cheka [Soviet secret police] they are called 'gladiators', in the NKVD [Soviet secret police] 'volunteers' and in Smersh [war-time counter-intelligence] 'Robinsons'."

" A 'puppet' is a criminal who has been condemned to death . . . They are . . . used as training material . . . They get their lives prolonged, and we have an opportunity for real-life training . . . . A fight with a 'puppet' - - very often a very tough criminal - - is a serious and very risky business . . . He fights back . . . It's not a phony fight . . . It's a real fight, involving real risk."

Spetsnaz [special purpose] troops, after being given extensive training in the Soviet/Russian martial art of SAMBO, are sometimes put into a room with a condemned criminal, and told to fight to the death. According to Suvorov, today [1986], only the professionals are allowed such a privilege!! Those persons, full time active service career cut-throat elite soldiers, are allowed to fight and kill a puppet. Elite troops whose tasks in wartime, for instance would be to kill the President of the United States and the most senior commanders of the military.

I would suggest, that the degree to which this odious practice [if it can be determined] has either been eliminated or ameliorated is an indication of whether or not the modern "democratic" Russia has shed the spots of the totalitarian communist leopard!




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