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Sunday, April 13, 2008


This is coolbert:

Words alone cannot express. You just have to read for yourself. Thanks here to the BBC.

"Albania's relics of paranoid past"

"Looking down from every hillside, sprouting out of every bank, are the cracked and rusting domes of the defence bunkers - a concrete legacy of the paranoid imagination of Albania's communist ruler for 40 years, Enver Hoxha."

"More than 700,000 of these cement and iron monsters were built between 1950 and the dictator's death in 1985."

700,000 cement and iron monsters. Those cupola tops are very thick and resilient? Can withstand a direct hit from a tank round! And there appears to be a below ground construction to the bunkers? I might ask too, is there underground connecting tunnels between the various bunkers of a complex?

Some comments here: [thanks for the figures to the CIA Fact book]

* The total population of Albania is about 3.6 million.

* The total military age male population is about 800,000.

* The total FIT military age male population is around 670,000.

That means that more of these bunkers were constructed than the TOTAL number of persons you had to man them [normally such a bunker would be manned by a squad of ten men or a team of five troops]. And you would never reach that TOTAL, even with a full mobilization.

I guess it was the idea that counted?!




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