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Saturday, March 01, 2008


This is coolbert:

Another sign that all is not well in Russia. The "bear" is resurgent in a manner that does not bode well?

I like to think the Russians will not assume the previous hostile attitude toward the rest of the world that existed in communist times!

Indicators seem to suggest the Russians are contemplating a return to the bad-old-days? Such as:

"In denial"
Feb 7th 2008
[through the Institute for Historical Review]

"Russia revives a vicious lie"

That vicious lie - - is that - - the German Nazi - - perpetrated the Katyn Massacre. The slaughter, from World War Two [WW2], of Polish prisoners by the Soviet secret police [NKVD]. Military officers, intellectuals, priests. The very elite of pre-WW2 Polish society executed on the order of Stalin. A cold, callous, unfeeling, vicious, sadistic act of a barbarian [Stalin] that hurt post-war Poland for decades afterwards!

Acknowledged by Yeltsin as a despicable act with the fall of the Soviet communist regime.

NOW, denied by Putin and his cronies!!?? Yes, that would be troubling!!

[a word concerning the Institute for Historical Review [IHR]. On his radio talk show, the host Michael Medved has described IHR as a neo-Nazi, anti-Semitic organization. I present the material free of judgement or qualification. Actually I have used links from IHR previously. Such as with the blog entry for General Sir Percy Cleghorn Hobart! You the devoted reader to my blog judge accordingly with an open mind, please!!]




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