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Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Great White Fleet.

This is coolbert:

One hundred [100] years ago now, the American Great White Fleet embarked on an around-the-world-journey.

"The Great White Fleet was a United States Navy force that completed a circumnavigation of the globe from December 16, 1907, to February 22, 1909 by order of U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt. It consisted of four squadrons of four battleships each, with their escorts. Roosevelt sought to demonstrate growing American military power and blue-water navy capability."

A demonstration of military might. America was now a world-power of the greatest importance. Had been, in prior decades, the fore-most economic power, but NOW ranked right up there with Great Britain, Germany, etc., as a nation capable of POWER PROJECTION SECOND TO NONE!!!

"The fourteen-month long voyage was a grand pageant of American sea power. The squadrons were manned by 14,000 sailors. They covered some 43,000 miles and made twenty port calls on six continents."

"All were embarking upon a naval deployment the scale of which had never been attempted by any nation before - the first 'round-the-world cruise by a fleet of steam-powered, steel battleships"

Somewhat surprising to me is the old-fashioned masts that these "modern" [for the time] battleships sported. The type of thing you would have found on a sailing ship of the time of Nelson!?

Quickly replaced after the voyage, as having been found to be OBSOLETE!

"In addition, the old-style military masts and 'fighting tops' were replaced by new cage masts with fire-control tops"

Superior comportment of American sailors while ashore was obviously on the mind of President Roosevelt when he greeted the fleet upon return to American shores:

"you the officers and men of this formidable fighting force, have shown yourselves the best of all possible ambassadors and heralds of peace. Wherever you have landed you have borne yourselves so as to make us at home proud of being your countrymen. You have shown that the best type of fighting man of the sea knows how to appear to the utmost possible advantage when his business is to behave himself on shore, and to make a good impression in a foreign land."

While ashore, NO unnecessary wenching, drinking to excess, brawling of an unseemly manner. This was not behavior to be tolerated by Roosevelt. The men of the Great White Fleet did behave in a manner that brought credit to themselves.

Bully for them!!!




Blogger Joseph Moroco said...

"NO unnecessary wenching, drinking to excess, brawling of an unseemly manner."

As opposed to necessary wenching, drinking to excess, brawling of an unseemly manner.


unnecessary wenching, drinking to excess, brawling of an seemly manner.

1:48 PM


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