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Tuesday, February 19, 2008


This is coolbert:

Again, with regard to the allegation by Senator McCain that American military aviators shot down over North Vietnam during the Second Indo-China war were tortured by Spanish speaking Caucasian men!!


Read about "Fidel" and "Chico", the two purported Cubans that tortured American POW's in Vietnam.

You need to scroll down the web page to see all the details. The U.S. gov has a lot on these guys? Has even identified them with some certainty?

One downed American aviator was even killed from the beatings he had to endure!

Guys of this type, men thought to be Cubans, were active in Vietnam, and not only in the northern part of the country during that conflict? Also in the south assisting Viet Cong [VC] in the interrogation of captured Americans!?

And, again, not necessarily Cubans? Maybe ninos'? Soviet special purpose troops able to pass as a Cuban?

Whatever the case, interesting stuff!




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