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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


This is coolbert:
Here is a smattering of web sites for those who are further interested in the Soviet KGB man Oleg Nechiporenko. THE ace KGB man for Latin America:

"Slender and darkly handsome . . . with his wavy black hair and olive complexion looked utterly Latin. Indeed, Mexican authorities theorized that he was either the child of Spanish communists who had fled to Russia after the Spanish civil War or perhaps the son of a Russian father and a Spanish mother . . . His Spanish was flawless, he spoke the idioms of laborers, diplomats, and students"

Oleg, in his old age, still hale and hearty, retired now from the KGB, is public now, but continues to be active in the intelligence game. NOW a general director of the National Foundation against Crime and Terrorism.

"The spy who knew Oswald"

"Oleg Nechiporenko: The Snake, which tempted Eve, was the first intelligence officer"

"Oleg M. Nechiporenko is the general director of the National anti-criminal and anti-terrorist fund, KGB colonel in retirement."

"Oleg Nechiporenko"

"Oleg Nechiporenko of Russia's National Foundation against Crime and Terrorism shared his view about the UK-Russian relations as the dispute between the countries makes a new twist."

Oleg - - could pass - - for an elder distinguished Spanish gentleman - - any time!!??





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