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Tuesday, February 19, 2008


This is coolbert:

I see that President da Silva of Brazil is making a good-will trip to the Brazilian Antarctica station.

It DID come as a surprise to me that Brazil EVEN HAD a research station in Antarctica.

Read this amazing stuff about the Brazilian attitude toward Antarctica. Geopolitical machinations are at work here!!??

Perhaps I am wrong in seeing something sinister, or purportedly sinister, in the announcement by Hugo Chavez that Venezuela too will start up a similar research facility in the southern-most continent.

Brazil, like Venezuela, is a tropical country, has no territorial waters contiguous to the oceans surrounding Antarctica [think Australia/Chile/New Zealand/Argentina/South Africa or even India for that matter], no historical interest [U.S./Britain/Russia] in that frozen chunk of ice, BUT DOES have some excellent scientists. [so does Venezuela??]

I am overreaching in seeing some ulterior motive on the part of Hugo Chavez? Forgive me for thinking so. Again, perhaps I have reason for being that way?

See, even Bert can be wrong-headed from time to time.

But then, we of course have to consider these specific comments of Suvorov:

"The Soviet Union [existed at the time Suvorov wrote the book "Spetsnaz"] has signed a convention not to use the Antarctic for military purposes. But in the event of war it will be of course used by the military, and for that reason the corresponding experience has to be gained [Suvorov is talking about parachuting troops under 'Polar conditions' in this specific circumstance]"




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