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Thursday, February 14, 2008


This is coolbert:

From the wiki:

"List of military writers"

"List of military theorists"

From the list of military writers, we see this interesting entry:

"Anonymous, Thirty-Six Strategies"

Hmmmmm!!!??? What is that about? Actually, very interesting!

"Thirty-Six Strategies"

"The Thirty-Six Stratagems (三十六計) is a collection of 36 Chinese proverbs used to illustrate stratagems used in politics as well as in civil interaction. They were first published in the western world by Harro von Senger from Switzerland, whose Chinese translation of his books also started a boom about the 36 stratagems in China; after hearing the proverb 'Of the Thirty-Six Stratagems, fleeing is best' in Taipei University, he began to inquire about those '36 plans'".

The proverbial Chinese secret! NOT known to the world at large until the mid-1970's? "Discovered" by the sinophile Harro von Senger! Proverbs applicable to all forms of human endeavor, war included!

"Si·no·phile - –noun 1. a person who admires or has a strong liking for China, the Chinese, or their culture.
–adjective 2. friendly to or having a strong liking for China or the Chinese."

"Stratagem" is a rather ancient word for a ruse. Harro von Senger used the word 'stratagem' in his translation of the 36 stratagems to differentiate them from the negative connotation of "ruse".

"In the German "Duden" dictionary, "List" (ruse) is defined as:"

* "a means of reaching a goal unorthodoxically by deceiving somebody ."
* "a means of reaching a goal unorthodoxically."

The use of such adages and proverbs is common in the Far East. Oriental minds dig this stuff. Admiral Yamamoto had this favorite: [so applicable to Pearl Harbor]

"If you want the tiger's cubs, you must go into the lair!!

Read it all over and give it some thought. Good stuff!! "Stratagems when in Desperate Situation". Some stratagems are needed right now in Iraq, as we speak!? American commanders, wake up and read! NOW!




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