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Friday, February 29, 2008


This is coolbert:

From the comment to the blog by John Bolton:

" has an article about the satellite shoot down, by H.Cooper and Weyrich. They say 'inherent' ICBM defense capacity has now been demonstrated, that satellites in that orbit move faster than incoming ICBM's, and that further deployments should be supported."

Here is the specific URL for the article by Cooper and Weyrich:

The Aegis cruiser deployed as an anti-ballistic missile [ABM] system, replete with IMPROVED Standard Missile - 3, is more flexible, responsive, do-able than a land based ABM system? Intercept of an INCOMING, DOWNWARD TRAJECTORY WARHEAD is inherently more difficult than a shoot-down of a MISSILE before warhead final separation.

Of course, all these "shoot-downs" have involved SINGLE ballistic missiles? NOT multiple incoming enemy missiles deploying decoys and various counter-measures! That is what critics would say!




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