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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Cold War?

This is coolbert:

Recent good program on National Public Radio. Interview with the British correspondent Edward Lucas. Listen to it all.

"Edward Lucas on 'The New Cold War' with Russia"

"Lucas calls 'a new Cold War' that's being fought with cash, natural resources, diplomacy and propaganda — but, he says, the West is unwilling to admit what's happening."

In this regard, Lucas confirms what the Russian FIS defector "Comrade J" has also said.

A war fought NOT primarily by military threats or bluster [bullying and intimidating allowed however!].

Fought with:

* Cash from oil revenues.

* Resources primarily of natural gas sold to western European countries.

* Sales of advanced weaponry to traditionally 3rd world countries.

* Development in some instances of advanced weaponry with select nations.

Soviet conventional military forces are STILL [and will be for some time to come?] at a low level of capability! Army reform has not progressed, the Air Force flies antique planes on recon missions, the Navy has only twenty surface combat vessels seaworthy. So says Lucas.

"WAR" can still continue, by other means. Hostility. Think of the polar opposite peace-war sliding scale continuum! NO nation is EVER at total peace with other nations. SOME degree of hostility or tension exists at all times.

Topol missiles, hypersonic maneuverable re-entry vehicles, genetically modified bioweapons, BrahMos supersonic anti-ship cruise missiles, etc. Military advances have NOT been neglected.

Before you fight the war, you must realized the war exists?




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