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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Comrade J.

This is coolbert:

Outstanding program this afternoon on National Public Radio.

From the "All Things Considered, January 28, 2008."

An interview with Sergei Tretyakov and author Pete Earley.


The latter is, "Pete Earley, the author of books about several Americans who had spied for Russia." [Earley has written a book concerning the defection of Sergei - - called "Comrade J"]

Sergei was right at the top of Russian FIS [formerly the Soviet KGB] intelligence apparatus, working out of the United Nations in NYC.

This man I had not heard of before. Defections are not even covered any more?

"Sergei Tretyakov was an operative of the KGB, the former Soviet intelligence service. When the Soviet Union dissolved, the agency changed its name [now FIS], but its mission remained the same."

"Tretyakov was nominally a press officer at the Russian mission to the United Nations in New York. In reality, he was running a number of intelligence agents who, in turn, were trying to get information out of Americans and others at the U.N. In 2000, Tretyakov became one of the highest-ranking [NO, THE HIGHEST RANKING?? ] Russian spies ever to defect to the United States."

According to Sergei:

"In speaking out, I hope to expose how naive [the attitude of the United States toward Russia] this is. During the Cold War, in the Soviet military doctrine there was the definition of the MAIN ENEMY, which was also used by intelligence as a basic guiding principle. It was the United States, followed by NATO and China. What is the official guiding line for the modern SVR [FIS] today? The terms have changed. It is now called the MAIN TARGET. But it is exactly the same: the United States, followed by NATO and China. Nothing has changed. Russia is doing everything it can today to embarrass the U.S. Let me repeat this. Russia is doing everything it can today to undermine and embarrass the U.S. The SVR [FIS] rezidenturas in the U.S. are not less, but in some aspects even more active."

Russian, emboldened NOW by wealth from oil and gas revenues, feels it can once again embark upon an expansionist and confrontation foreign policy toward the "west". NOT willing to become a partner in the global community of democratic nations. Back to the old ways of deception, guileful behavior, expansion?

The pattern of:

* Long-range bomber flights.

* Testing of advanced and mobile intercontinental missiles [equipped with advanced hypersonic delivery vehicles].

* Continued research into bioweaponry of genetically modified designs.

* Development of more potent and deadly submarines.

Are all part of a forbodding and troubling future. The COLD BEAR is back with a vengeance?

I hope not!




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