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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sunny Italy?

This is coldbert:

Thanks here in part to Al Nofi, [CIC # 175], StrategyPage.

Somethings - - in warfare - - NEVER change??!!

This quite often has been a topic of previous blog entries I have made!

NOW, consider this:

From the wiki entry on the Dulcinian Movement.

"The winter of 1305 was particularly cold and the pressure from the Catholic troops and the inhabitants of the valley was particularly effective so Margaret of Trento [Margharita di Trank] decided to lead another march through the mountains to escape the siege."

The year - - 1305 - - the place - - the mountains of Italy - - the conditions - - COLD!

"During the Anglo-Russian Campaign in Naples [southern part of Italy] over the winter of 1805-1806, several Russian soldiers froze to death, the weather in the mountains of “Sunny Italy” being more ferocious than that back home." [CIC # 175]

The year[s] - - 1805-1806 - - the place - - the mountains of Italy - - the conditions - - COLD!

And, further, from my blog entry:

"The largest land battle in Europe [western], Cassino was the bitterest and bloodiest of the Western Allies' struggles with the German Wehrmacht on any front of the Second World War."

"On the German side, many compared it unfavourably with Stalingrad."

"The German commander, Lieutenant-General Fridolin von Senger und Etterlin, wrote: 'We found that divisions arriving from other theatres of war were not immediately equal to the double burden of icy mountain terrain and massed bombardment.'"

During the Italian campaign [1944], German soldiers, who had been in both places [Stalingrad and the Appenine mountains] compared them unfavorably.

The year - - 1944 - - the place - - the mountains of Italy - - the conditions - - COLD!

"Sunny Italy"??




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