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Friday, January 25, 2008


This is coolbert:

“the purpose of terror is to terrorize” - - V.I. Lenin.

Good program on Public Broadcast System [radio] the other evening.

Describing conditions in the Israeli town of Sderot [Sday-rote].

A town, population of 24,000, under a continuous bombardment of rocket artillery fired by Hamas “militants” from the Gaza Strip.

Qassam rockets, 2,000 fired in the year 2007 alone.

The Qassam is NOT that accurate and many rockets go astray. Israeli measures to alert and protect their population are pretty good. Even with 2,000 rockets fire in one year [2007], ONLY two persons lost their lives, with several dozens wounded.

[when I say ONLY, I would think that most persons are anticipating a MUCH higher casualty rate from 2,000 rockets.]

Physical casualties aside, the mental stress, apprehension, anxiety, anticipation for the remaining residents of Sderot is quite high.

About one-third [1/3] of the pre-2007 population has just left for “greener pastures”. Life for those folks is unbearable under the pressure and stress of constantly having someone trying to kill you!

Those remaining in Sderot ARE under constant elevated mental stress from the Qassam bombardment, even with the rockets being as inaccurate as they are.

Clinics prescribing a variety of pharmaceuticals are one answer for the Sderot populace. Primarily tranquilizers such as Valium in ever increasing dosages for those that have trouble coping.

[one cannot neglect that mental anxiety and apprehensiveness ALSO CREATES A STRONG NEGATIVE PHYSICAL REACTION IN THE HUMAN BODY!! Your vital systems slowly begin to break down under continuous and unremitting mental stress!!]

You could point out that the number of dead and injured from Qassam rockets is probably ABOUT THE SAME AS THE NUMBER OF DEATHS AND INJURIES THAT SDEROT WOULD HAVE YEARLY FROM AUTO ACCIDENTS! With ACCIDENTS, however, intentional harm is not present. With the Qassam, SOMEONE IN CONSTANTLY TRYING TO KILL YOU! There is a difference!

Qassam - - ineffectual from a military standpoint - - VERY effectual from a terror standpoint!!


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