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Friday, January 18, 2008


This is coolbert:

You know I just could not pass this one up.

From my blog entry of Saturday, January 05, 2008:

"Traditionally, in warfare, the biggest killers have been water and feet. NOT DEATHS IN COMBAT!!"

"With regard to feet, having bad feet and not being able to keep up the march, falling out and being killed by irregulars or marauders."

And from the web site as linked in the previous blog entry:

"Coming back, we made clean work of the buildings on the route in retaliation for some of our men who were unable to keep up with the column, being murdered and mutilated."

Yankee troops, unable to keep up with the march, falling out, being caught by southern marauders or irregulars, killed [murdered], AND MUTILATED!!

Keep the feet dry and the boot heels in good repair, the toenails short, wear thick wool GI socks, and KEEP UP WITH THE MARCH!!




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