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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Privateering II?

This is coolbert:

Thanks to Al Nofi, CIC # 144, through StrategyPage.

Hugh de Groot [Hugo Grotius] is considered to be the first and foremost exponent of international law!? Subsequent works dealing with international law rely HEAVILY upon the underpinnings and teachings of Hugh!? Hugh began his career by studying and codifying the rules of “prize” and what became known as “privateering”!!??

"In 1605 Grotius produced De jure praedae, which may be loosely translated as 'The Law of Loot', a profoundly learned work that traced the history of prize from Biblical and Classical times through the medieval Mediterranean maritime codes, to contemporary Western European usage. Grotius’ work formed the foundation of his subsequent life-long effort to codify international law, leading ultimately to his monumental De jure belli ac pacis - The Law of War and Peace (1625), which established him as 'the Mozart' of International law."

Grotius was compelled to study "the history of prize" as the result of an incident that OCCURRED IN THE STRAITS OF SINGAPORE!! That foremost part of the world for modern day piracy was the site of a "seizure" at sea, the legality of which was contested. Grotius initiated the codification of what has become known as "international law" as a result of A DISPUTED "PRIZE"!!




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