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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Midgets II.

This is coolbert:

It seems that the Soviet Union was far ahead of the rest of the world when it came to original concepts and designs of midget submarines? Research and development began in the 1930's? Concepts and designs far ahead of their time? TOO FAR AHEAD?

Deploy able, combat ready midget submarines that never got off the drawing board and into production. Experimental models only.

"Project APSS"

"The first Soviet midget submarine built was code named Project APSS (special-purpose autonomous submersible vessel). In other documents and publications this submarine was called a ‘telemechanical submarine’, ‘radio-controlled TV-equipped submarine’ and even a ‘telecontrolled self-propelled vehicle.’"

APSS was a midget submarine with a surface displacement of 7.2 tons and underwater displacement of 8.5 tons. The submarine was armed with one forward mounted torpedo tube, and could be operated in two basic modes: standard mode (by one man) and remote-control mode. In the latter mode, the possibility of controlling the submarine from surface ships and aircraft . . . In the telemechanical mode, the APSS carried a 500-kg explosive charge instead of a torpedo."

A midget submarine [APSS] that could have either a one-man crew or be autonomously controlled. AN UNMANNED VEHICLE FAR AHEAD OF IT'S TIME!!

Then we have the case of the Soviet Pigmei midget sub as well.

"The second midget submarine designed by Ostekhbyuro was designated APL (autonomous submarine) and called Pigmei (Pygmy)."

"Initially, this miniature submarine was conceived by Ostekhbyuro as an autonomous undersea vehicle controlled from an aircraft, but later the design work was focused on a project of a manned midget submarine."

. . . .

"there was only one experimental Pigmei midget submarine in the Navy. It was 16 m long and 2.62 m wide and had a standard surface displacement of 18.6 tons. It could develop a maximum surface speed of 6 knots and a maximum underwater speed of 5 knots. The boat-s full-speed range amounted to 290 miles on the surface and between 18 miles (full speed) and 60 miles (economical speed) underwater. The boat-s maximum diving depth was limited to 30 m and its maximum endurance was about three days. Pigmei-s main armament included two 450mm 45-15 type torpedoes fired from side rack-type launchers."

Armament was two torpedoes NOT CARRIED WITHIN THE SUBMARINE ITSELF! Carried outside the submarine "from side rack-type launchers"! Also had a one-man crew?

Vessels NOT designed for deep-water missions. Strictly for coastal and harbor defense. NOT having a general versatility.




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