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Saturday, January 12, 2008


This is coolbert:

Thanks here to Al Nofi, CIC # 161, through StrategyPage.

"Tom Mix, one of Hollywood’s first Western stars, often claimed to be a veteran of the Spanish-American War and used the title 'Colonel,' which he said had been awarded by the Liberals during the Mexican Revolution of 1911, but there is considerable doubt that he ever soldiered a day in his life."

Tom Mix. The original Hollywood cowboy.

"He was Hollywood’s first Western megastar and is noted as having defined the genre for all cowboy actors who followed."

Even back in the old days, there were those who claimed to be military heroes - - but had never even "soldiered a day in his life"?

"In April 1898, during the Spanish-American War, he enlisted in the Army under the name Thomas E. (Edwin) Mix. His unit never went overseas, and Mix later failed to return for duty after an extended furlough . . . Mix was listed as AWOL on November 4, 1902 but was never court martialed or apparently even discharged."

[Mix was born Thomas Hezikiah Mix.]

We may think of the military imposter as being a recent phenomenon, but as with Tom Mix [??] and for those that claimed to be thralls protecting the King of the Jutes, the fake military war hero is nothing new?

They always want to be a Colonel too. Or a Major at the least. Tom Mix actually served in the military, but there was a name "mix-up"?

Consider this also:

"Clifford Irving offers a pseudo-autobiographical version of Mix's early adulthood, positing him as a brash young gringo who befriends and then joins up with the Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa in the novel 'Tom Mix and Pancho Villa', 1982.

Well, you see, this can all be easily explained. A mis-spelling of a name here, a novel thought to be factual here! Sure!




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