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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Midgets VII. - - [Conclusion]

This is coolbert:

Modern midgets are currently used by the Croatian Navy. This is the “Una” class submarine. This may very well be the class that the North Koreans used as the model for THEIR Yugo” class PLASTIC submarine!

The “Una” is STRICTLY a special operations type of midget submarine. Does NOT carry any torpedoes. Used solely to transport and deploy “combat swimmers” for special purpose missions.

[the term “combat swimmer” is a Soviet and Eastern European military term roughly translated as underwater demolition technician [UDT]! A scuba diver placing demolition charges on the bottoms of enemy moored vessels!]

Combat swimmers using limpet mines against enemy shipping. A Jaywick type of special purpose operation. Presumably the North Koreans would use their own version of the “Una” for such demolition operations, surveillance, reconnaissance, etc. Read an account of ANOTHER abortive North Korea midget sub mission!

"Limpet mines are a special form of contact mine which are attached to the target by magnets and left, and are so named because of the superficial similarity to the mollusk, limpet. A swimmer or diver usually performs this task."

"usually they are set off by a time fuse. They may also have an anti-removal system making it explode if the mine is torn off by enemy divers or by other explosions. Sometimes the limpet mine had a small propeller which would detonate when the ship has sailed a certain distance."

Midget submarines are a very effective form of asymmetric warfare that causes a lot of headaches for conventional naval commanders and planners!!?? I would have to think that just GUARDING against this type of attack poses special difficulties??!!




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