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Thursday, December 13, 2007


This is coolbert:


From the wiki entry on the German Werwolf [German post-WW2 partisans].

A list of purported allied atrocities in reaction to werwolf activity??

"Allied Reaction and Reprisals"

* "At Seedorf UK forces randomly selected and burned 2 cottages on April 21."

* "At the town of Sogel the Canadian first Army evacuated the civilians from the city center whereupon it was systematically demolished."

* "The Canadians behaved in similar fashion in Freysoythe."

* "Unless the citizens of the city of Stuppach within 3 hours produced the German officer that the U.S. forces believed was hiding there they were informed that: all male inhabitants would be shot, women and children expelled to the surrounding wilderness and the city razed."

* "U.S. combat troops destroyed the town of Bruchsal, in retaliation for SS activities."

* "At the city of Constancein the French occupation zone in mid May 400 hostages were taken, two persons who resisted French orders had been shot, part of the city evacuated and threats were made to burn the evacuated part down."

* "French forces expelled more than 25,000 civilians from their homes. Some of them were then forced to clear minefields in Alsace."

* "Killing of hostages by the French took place amongst others in Markdorf and Reutlingen."

* "The city of Lichtental was pillaged and the female population raped by the French [read the goum here??]."

* "Jarmin was demolished by Soviet troops."

* "At the town of Schivelbein all men were shot and all women and girls raped by Soviet troops."

[communist troops within the Soviet Zone of Occupation uniformly behaved in what can only be described as a beastly manner!!]

Colmar von der Goltz would have approved of allied reprisals against the German werwolf!!??

The German military has a strong aversion to the guerrilla fighter? It was not so much reprisals as a German loathing of partisan warfare that contributed to the werwolf NOT materializing as expected?!




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