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Saturday, December 08, 2007


This is coolbert:

Here is another amateur at the "game" of war who was able to defeat military professionals.

Mikhail Frunze.

A significant military leader [commander/commissar] of the Red Army. Responsible for victory of the communist side in the Russian Civil War?

NOT a man with a military background or education for same. An intuitive military genius?

"Mikhail Frunze, the son of a peasant, was born in Turkestan in 1885. After studying at his local school he continued his education at the Gymnasium at Verny and the Polytechnical Institute in St. Petersburg."

During the Russian "February Revolution", the Bolshevik Revolution and the Russian Civil War, "climbed the ladder" of command, rising to very high rank. Commands to include:

* "Minsk civilian militia" [during the February Revolution.]

* "An armed force of workers" [in the struggle for control of Moscow.]

* Military Commissar for the Voznesensk Province.

* Southern Army Group.

* Eastern Front.

[the latter four commands as a Red Bolshevik military commander/commissar!]


* "rid his native Turkestan of Basmachi insurgents and White troops"

* "retook the Crimea" [defeating Russian White troops.]

* "instrumental in the destruction of Nestor Makhno's anarchist movement."

Was also a military theoretician! Wrote extensively on military matters, specifically from a revolutionary standpoint!?

Mikhail Frunze, "Unified Military Doctrine" - - "Front and Rear in Future War".

This man is in the same category as Giap, Forrest, Cromwell!? Intuitive amateurs who succeed in a manner where even the professionals cannot!?




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