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Monday, December 10, 2007


This is coolbert:

Here is a genre' of media, film and print, that STRETCHES THE LIMITS OF DECENCY!!??

Nazi exploitation!

Within the world of cinema, perhaps best exemplified by the 1970's "cult classic", "Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS"!

This soft-core porn "movie" spawned an entire series of such "art films".

To include various steamy titled movies as:

* "SS Experiment Camp."

* "Beast In Heat." (retitled version of SS Hell Camp)

* "Gestapo's Last Orgy." (American title Caligula Reincarnated as Hitler)

* "Love Camp 7."

"Most of the Nazi exploitation films have stalag . . . female or male Nazi officers in SS uniforms . . . who often use 'experiments' as excuses to implement sadistic physical violence"


The genre' of Nazi exploitation is not confined strictly to film. There also exists a "body of work" in printed form. Graphic novels/comic books, again of a soft-core porn nature, coming from a surprising source. Israel!! Referred to as Stalag pornography.

"Israel’s Unexpected Spinoff From a Holocaust Trial"

"Pocket books called Stalags were practically the only pornography available in the conservative Israeli society of the early 1960s. Though it was claimed that the Stalags were translated from English, they were actually created and written by Israelis"

"The books told perverse tales of captured American or British pilots being abused by sadistic female SS officers outfitted with whips and boots."

"should be noted this genre' mainly focused on female SS officers. It presented them as lusty as well as buxom women who also sexually abused their male prisoners . . . mainly American and British ones."

"bux·om –adjective 1. (of a woman) full-bosomed."

"the Stalags were a distinctly Israeli genre', created by Israeli publishers and penned by Israeli authors, although they had masqueraded as translations from English and were written in the first person as if they were genuine memoirs."

"Stalag pornography was but a popular extension of the writings of K. Tzetnik, the first author to tell the story of Auschwitz in Hebrew and a hero of the mainstream Holocaust literary canon."

"One of K. Tzetnik’s biggest literary successes, 'Doll’s House,' published in 1953, told the story of a character purporting to be the author’s sister, serving the SS as a sex slave in Block 24, the notorious Pleasure Block in Auschwitz."

"Though a Holocaust classic, many scholars now describe it as pornographic and likely made up."

"It was fiction," said Na'ama Shik, a researcher at Yad Vashem, The Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority. 'There were no Jewish whores in Auschwitz.'"

"Yet 'Doll’s House' and other writings of K. Tzetnik, who died in 2001, are treated as historical fact by many in Israel, and are included in the high school curriculum."

We have to perfectly clear what we are talking about here. There WAS [?] a Block 24 [Pleasure Block] at Auschwitz. Populated by prostitutes. For the use of male inmates at the Auschwitz labor camp. BUT NOT POPULATED BY JEWISH WOMEN!!


There was of course, during World War Two [WW2], a real life Ilsa. Ilse Koch. Spelling of first name is slightly different. Obviously the "inspiration" behind the legend of the sadistic female SS guard.

Ilse WAS the wife of a SS camp Commandant. Ranks right up there with other infamous women of history, Messalina, Catherine de' Medici, etc. Ilse seems to HAVE derived pleasure from the wicked and willful mistreatment of male prisoners. There is NOWHERE A FAVORABLE DESCRIPTION OF ILSE!!

[Ilse's husband was executed by the SS for embezzlement. Ilse herself served time for crimes against humanity and ended her own life by suicide!]

"She was variously known as "the Witch of Buchenwald" ("Die Hexe von Buchenwald") and "the Bitch of Buchenwald" ("Buchenwälder Schlampe") by the inmates because of her sadistic cruelty and lasciviousness toward prisoners."

"las·civ·i·ous –adjective
1. inclined to lustfulness; wanton; lewd.
2. arousing sexual desire.
3. indicating sexual interest or expressive of lust or lewdness."

"A sordid, disreputable character, she had delighted in flaunting her sex, emphasized by tight sweaters and short skirts, before the long-confined male prisoners"

"She was a woman of depraved character and ill repute."

Gentlemen!! Please take a good hard look at Ilse. Tight sweaters - - short skirts!! Even if you have been in stir for a long time - - please - - NO!!




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