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Wednesday, December 12, 2007


This is coolbert:

"Goltz laid siege to the British position [Kut]. Much like Julius Caesar's legions at the Battle of Alesia, the Turkish army had to fight off a major British effort to relieve the Kut garrison while maintaining the siege."

[From a previous blog entry regarding Colmar von der Goltz. Alesia has been mentioned in previous blog entries ONLY in passing!]

Some further elucidation is in order regarding the Battle of Alesia. The greatest victory of Julius Caesar? Figures prominently in his [Caesar] commentaries on the Gallic War!

The Turks at Kut, as did the Roman legions at Alesia, had to fight in two directions simultaneously. Continue the siege while at the same time having to fight off relief columns. In both cases, Alesia/Kut the Romans/Turks inflicting severe loss on the relief forces. The British at Kut, as with the Gaul at Alesia, attacking to no avail! Those besieged within [Alesia, Kut], eventually surrendering!!

Caesar had at his side during the Siege of Alesia his most competent commanders. Including a new name to the list. Gaius Trebonius:

"Gaius Trebonius (died 43 BC) was a military commander . . . he spent five years as a legatus to Caesar, who reported well of him, during his campaigns in Gaul. He accompanied Caesar during his second expedition to Britain in 54 BC. In 49, Trebonius commanded at the siege of Massilia."

Caesar during his Gallic campaigns DID have able, competent subordinates.


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