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Saturday, June 17, 2006


This is coolbert:

Read about Leuthen and Rossbach.

Perhaps the greatest victories had by the Prussian army under the command of Frederick the Great.

Perhaps two of the greatest military victories of all time, period. What are called "tactical masterpieces".

Both occurring within a month of one another.

Part of the Seven Years War. Frederick found himself beset from all directions by a variety of opponents.

The Seven Years War established the Prussian infantry as the finest in the world at the time.

The Prussian military officer Baron Von Steuben served under Frederick during the Seven Years War. He was a minor Prussian nobleman who of course came to America to help the colonists in their war against England.

Von Steuben was a remarkable military man whose contributions to American victory in the Revolutionary War are under-rated!!?? Von Steuben had skills and ability honed while serving under Frederick.

"He was a member of an infantry unit and a staff officer in the Seven Years' War, and was later made a member of the General Staff, serving periodically in Russia. His service was commendable enough that he was eventually given an assignment with Frederick the Great's headquarters. His experiences as a General Staff member in the Prussian Army gave him a wealth of knowledge that heretofore was unheard of, even in the British and French armies of the period. His training would eventually bring to the American soldiers the technical knowledge necessary to create an Army."

The American Army of today marches in the style and fashion of the Prussians under Frederick, as was taught to them by Von Steuben! NO exaggerated goose-stepping and such. That is from a later and most unfortunate period of German and Prussian history.



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