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Sunday, June 11, 2006


This is coolbert:

The photo accompanying this blog entry is of female relatives of the jihadi want-to-be terrorists arrested in Canada just a few days ago.

These female relatives are dressed in what only be termed as very conservative Islamic dress. The robe [burqa], the headdress [hijab], the veil across the face. This is the type of thing you would see in Saudi Arabia.

[in different Islamic societies, they call it a burqa, in others a haik, in others a chador. All are the same basic thing. A robe that completely covers the female body and does not allow for any part of the female form to show!!]

[concealing the female for is important to the MEN in Islam! The belief is that if a MAN sees the form of a woman, they might think of sex, and commit a sin and offend GOD!! Slippers rather than heeled shoes are worn to prevent the distinctive clicking of the heels of a woman's shoes as she walks. A man, from a distance, might inadvertently hear the footsteps, think of women and sex even if he cannot see her, then too committing a sin against GOD!!]

Only a narrow slit is allowed for the woman's eyes to be seen. Other than that, not any flesh at all. These women are wearing gloves?? Slippers, not shoes with heels?? And stockings under the shoes?? I cannot see, but that would be the standard. One woman was even wearing sunglasses to cover the eyes. NOT sure if this is to further conceal her female form is was just to protect from the sun.

[keep in mind that in some locales, and I am not sure about Canada, to wear a mask in public unless it is part of a gala event is AGAINST THE LAW!! Of course, these women could claim religious exemption. But still for the rest of use, wearing a mask over the face for concealment is ILLEGAL!!]

It should also be noted that these women are dressing in a fashion that is much more conservative than what was worn by their mothers or even their grandmothers for that matter. This is just a reversion to ancient way, maybe even beyond that. A conservative [to say the least] form of Islamic dress that is in the mode of the Salafi or Wahabbi movements.

This conservatism is a POLITICAL STATEMENT.

Islam is both religious and political at the same time.

The dress of these women is a statement of solidarity with the movement back to the ancient ways as would be appreciated by the jihadi world over.

A rejection of things western and a rejection of assimilation and adoption of western ways. [the detested western ways that are such an abomination. The jihadi and his kith and kin will live among the westerners, enjoy the fruits of western life, but reject it at the same time!!!!]

The author ["Wretched of the Earth"] and keen observer of psychological thought among revolutionaries, Frantz Fanon, commented at length on the role of the burqa/veil/hijab as worn by Algerian Muslim women during the uprising against French rule. The wearing of such garb was a REVOLUTIONARY ACT! A rejection again, of western ways, in this case, French ways. Donning such garb told Muslims and the French both, "we have chosen our way, and it is not the French way!!".

"Unveiling women is then a strategy used by the colonial administration
in order to demoralize Algerian society and profoundly upset its
, under the pretense of emancipating women from "the behavior of
the Algerian male [which] is very firmly denounced and assimilated to
medieval and barbarous surviving practices" . . . we must first conquer
women; we must look for them behind the veil under which they are
hidden" . . . "Algerian woman [is] conceived of as the support of the
Western penetration of the native society"

Also, again recall that in some locales it is against the law to wear a mask unless it is part of a gala event. Just the wearing of the mask signifies a desire on the part of the wearer to achieve anonymity. It WAS a practice of some Algerian male revolutionaries to dress as women on occasion, to avoid capture. Also, the women, garbed in the voluminous robes, could and DID smuggle weapons and explosives underneath their clothing.

"the veil can be, in Fanon's words, "instrumentalized , turned into a technique
of camouflage, into a means of struggle" . . . For example,
women carried a bomb under their "haïk" . . . On the other
hand, women removed their veils when their mission took them
from their native neighborhoods to the European city."

[A WEAPON of war!!]

The intent is to create an atmosphere of "untouchability" "Don't touch our women!!" is the refrain heard from time to time at American airports. Special rooms have been set aside so that these Islamic women, dressed in a burqa/veil/hijab, can be searched and VIEWED [actually make the woman remove the veil and hijab so they can see it is a woman] by women agents.

The intent is to create a hassle. Make you conform to their way, not the other way around. It makes any sort of security measures that much more difficult.



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