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Friday, June 09, 2006

Ibn Khattab.

This is coolbert:

''We seek him here, we seek him there, Those Frenchies seek him everywhere. Is he in heaven? —Is he in hell?
That demmed, elusive Pimpernel.'' —Sir Percy Blakeney

Just as the death of Zarqawi in Iraq has been hailed as a "breakthrough" and "victory' in the war against terrorism, so was the death of ibn Khattab in Chechnya hailed by the Russians in the same fashion.

Ibn Khattab [there are various spellings of this last name.] was a bad guy if there ever was one too.

Committed a lot of atrocity against captured Russian troops in Chechnya. Supervised and videotaped beheadings of prisoners. Chechens doing the cutting were shown as almost delirious with joy at being able to lop off the head of a Russian. It seems ibn Khattab reveled in such stuff. Sadistic??!! Placing such videos on the internet for all to see seems to suggest so!

Ibn Khattab was a real Scarlet Pimpernel if there ever was one. What do I mean by that? Well, rumors of his death always seemed to be exaggerated. He is in Chechnya. He is in Kashmir. He is in Saudi Arabia. Etc. Everywhere and yet no where.

A charismatic [??] individual who got his start fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan when he was seventeen. Wounded a number of times and presumed dead on several occasions, always seeming to reappear. Sort of immortal like.

Images of ibn Khattab were commonly found on jihadi internet web sites:

[Ibn Khattab is described as a "martyr". Dying for the cause. But killing for the cause too. In the sense the word martyr is used in the western world, a martyr implies a passive person dying for the cause but NOT dying for same. A person of conviction and principles but not a KILLER.]

And liked children too!!

See this photo of ibn Khattab with a Chechen boy. That boy is the type of child you would also find among the Circassians. A boy of obviously "white" features. You can see how T.E. Lawrence was able to pass as a Circassian when captured by the Arabs during World War One.

Ibn Khattab finally met his end and became the groom to the seventy two black eyed virgins as has Zarqawi.

This "victory" was also, as I have said, widely publicized by the Russians. This man was hated by them. And for good reason too!

It is thought that ibn Khattab was killed by some sort of poison. Was given a "poisoned" letter that administered a lethal dose of some sort of toxic agent. Perhaps the type of biological agent of the "red rain" and "yellow rain" variety as described in the media from the 1980's?? A unique Soviet biologic agent. Letter was laced with the toxic substance in some sort of microscopic, powdered form. When ibn Khattab opened the letter, the powder was thrown into the air, breathed in by ibn Khattab, and shortly thereafter he met his end.

I had thought the villain was put on display by the Russians. A body on a slab in a morgue, naked except for a cloth covering his privates. I guess I may have been wrong about this. A photo was released by the Chechens showing the remains of ibn Khattab in uniform, prepared for burial.

"Another one bites the dust". In this case, more than likely he breathed it in !!



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