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Thursday, June 08, 2006

ANFO II. [End]

This is coolbert:

As I have said, these ANFO [ammonium nitrate fuel oil] bombs can be made to just the most enormous sizes. Weapons consisting of TONS of explosive material.

Clever and resourceful terrorists can also enhance the blast effect of such bombs.

This is done by including in the same delivery vehicle as the ANFO, explosive gas canisters. Gases such as hydrogen, propane, and ether if available make the blast more intense.

[ether is highly explosive. When starting your power lawnmower in the spring after having it sit idle for all winter, spray some ether in the carb first and the mower will start right up without fail.]

Please do not think, however, that there is no defense against terrorists using ANFO bombs.

A defense has been used by the English to cordon off and guard the City of London. Cordon off and guard against repetitions of ANFO bombings such as occurred at the Baltic Exchange.

A defense consisting of a ring of steel. Steel beams driven as pilings into the street. Block traffic entering and exiting the City of London. The City is where the main business, political, and cultural center of London and England itself is located. These are prime targets for groups such as the IRA or the current wave of jihadis.

Cordoning off and blocking the streets allows for a limited number of checkpoints to be set up, allowing for egress and exit from the City that is controllable. Checkpoints where vehicles can be carefully searched for bombs of the ANFO variety.

"The ring of steel is the popular name for the security and surveillance cordon surrounding the City of London, installed to combat IRA and other terrorist threats. Roads entering the city are narrowed and have small chicanes to force drivers to slow down and be recorded by CCTV cameras. These roads typically have a paved strip down the middle with a sentry box where police can stand guard and monitor traffic. Some roads have been closed to traffic entirely. Despite the term "ring of steel", the roadblocks and chicanes are actually created with concrete blocks, sometimes plastic coated, that are wedged together."

The city of New York is either thinking about or is implementing such a ring of steel for it's main business district. Also to prevent ANFO type bombs from wreaking destruction on a colossal scale.

"NewsMax first reported the 'ring of steel' plan back in January: 'New York City is preparing to turn lower Manhattan into a ‘ring of steel’ - to protect the nation's financial center from another major terrorist attack.'"

[no mention of barricades or steel beams driven into the street. DO NOT skimp on measures you take. DO IT RIGHT the first time!!!]

During the early days [early 1970's] in Belfast, car bombs were a favorite weapon of the IRA. Place a car bomb in the center of downtown Belfast and detonate. With a heavy loss of life usually. This was stopped by placing something like a twenty foot high chain link fence around the entire downtown section of Belfast. Vehicles and pedestrians attempting to reach the downtown area had to pass through checkpoints where a careful search would be done. Persons, all of them, were patted down, and with hands, not with a "wand".

Lastly, as a further defense against those using ANFO bombs, taggants are currently being embedded in bags of ammonium nitrate. Micro-elements that allow for identification of a particular batch of ammonium nitrate. Allow for quick tracing of purchase and narrowing of the list of suspects if in case an ANFO bomb is used. But, IS GOOD ONLY AFTER THE FACT!! WILL NOT PREVENT THE ANFO BOMB FROM BEING USED, WILL JUST EXPEDITE THE INVESTIGATORY PROCESS!!

The British ARE very resolute in their efforts to stop terrorists. Study what has to be done and then do it. And maintain for decades if necessary. Will power. Something that has been discussed before.




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