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Friday, June 02, 2006

Behavior III.

This is coolbert:


What you are about to read is CLASSIFIED! NO, not exactly, but was until just recently.

During World War Two, the British government issued a report entitled:

"Pestering of American Troops by Loose Women"

"remained a classified document until released to the public on the 31st October 2005."

That this would be so is just amazing. Even the Ultra secret was declassified after thirty years. This particular document about the pestering was classified for sixty years!!!

Pestering. Pestering. What do they mean by pestering??

* Asking the American GI what the time is??

* Asking the American GI what the weather is like in Omaha??

Of course not!! You know what kind of pestering this was! Solicitation for prostitution. It seems that large numbers of open, notorious, blatant English "hookers" took the adage, "overpaid, oversexed, and over here" very seriously!!

[I think that the English refer to "loose women of the street" as tarts!!??]

The American military complained about this to the English and the English courteously responded.

[the upper echelons of the American Army did have concerns about this. I can bet you the American GI of private rank did not have the same concerns!!]

I would have to think that American concerns were more utilitarian than moral. The GI had developed a high rate of venereal disease. With attendant bastardry.

"the Foreign Office [British] was recorded as advising the Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden that "If American soldiers contract venereal disease while in this country, they and their relatives in the United States will not think kindly of us after the war."

[this of course was at a time when VD could not be easily treated. After the war, VD was easily treated with the advent of anti-biotics.]

Devoted readers will remember my blog about this sort of thing before. The age old pursuit of the soldier. Drinking and womanizing. NO different for the American soldier than any other.



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