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Saturday, May 27, 2006


This is coolbert:

Here is something I picked up from the Steve Sailer web site.

A link to an Israeli newspaper article concerning the prospective "wall" to be built between the U.S. and Mexico.

Comments of Israeli experts are most germane.

Read for yourself. When the Israeli says something about fences and walls, we should place close attention. Their experience is worth a lot?

Some salient points:

* Money: It will probably cost more than you think.

* Efficiency: It can work, the expert says ? and other Israeli know-hows agree.

* Tactics: Don't just rely on sophisticated machinery and equipment.

* Intelligence: Recruit people on the Mexican side to be your eyes and ears and to tell you what the smugglers are up to.

* Routine: The smugglers will be inventive and will look for ways around you

with regard to the latter: "Don't police them, fight them."

* Ruthlessness: Is it really important for the Americans? If it is, they should be prepared to show it.


* Danger: You mean they have to shoot the smugglers? "No, they have to stop them. But if they run away they have to chase them, and if they resist they need to use force.

* Conduct: Corruption can be a serious problem on the sealed border.

Israelis have been acknowledged experts on military and security related matters for some decades now. Again, when they speak, you should listen!!



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