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Saturday, May 27, 2006


This is coolbert:

Here is a web site that deals with scams and hoaxes.

This site is NOT germane to the normal topics as covered in my blog, but is interesting of itself. Since one of my most current blog entries DID deal with a hoax, the reader may avail themselves for a more complete education regarding scams and hoaxes.

It IS amazing that so many of these forgers and scam artists are very skilled persons in their own right. COULD make a lot of money and acquire prestige if they would just apply themselves properly, in the field of their choice, where they have a lot of ability. But they DO NOT. Talented folks wasting their talent.

Much in the same manner as computer hackers. Experts in the field of computer security would admit they DO have a lot of admiration for the computer hacker. Hackers have a whole lot of really profound knowledge of computer programming, computers, the entire IT profession. Most hackers, too, if they properly applied themselves, COULD find solid positions in the IT field and make a bundle, most of them are that good at what they do.

But they do not.

It seems money is not the issue. Power and the ability to fool someone is more at stake. A power trip for the forger, hacker, scammer, hoaxster. A "rush"!!



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