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Sunday, May 21, 2006


This is coolbert:

"A nation consists of three things. Land, people, and laws, of which only the land seems to be more or less permanent." - - A. Lincoln.

The very hot topic on the radio talk shows is the illegal alien problem in the U.S. Call it what you will, but that is the legal definition of what these folks are. About 12 million to 13 million illegal aliens now reside in the U.S., depending on how you count.

What to do with them is the item of current interest. The path seems to be opening for some sort of "earned legalization".

Among the talk show callers-in, many however, favor just what can only be described as the "ship them back" solution.

Many persons just want to see the laws applied and all the illegals GONE!!

This raises an interesting question.

HOW could this be done??

Is there some sort of precedent for this sort of thing?? The mass deportation of what can only be described as numbers of people existing in what are "Biblical proportions".

And the answer is yes!!

A YES with a military dimension to it.

The mass deportation of ethnic Germans from all over eastern Europe at the end of World War Two [WW2].

It is estimated that 15 million to 16 million ethnic Germans were deported en masse from the various nations that comprised eastern Europe back to Germany.

[back to Germany is somewhat of a misnomer here. Almost none of those deported had ever lived in or even visited Germany.]

A mass deportation accomplished in a very short period of time, using the most harshest and draconian methods.

A mass deportation carried out by the militaries, militias, and police of the various "host nations".

Since a state of war already existed, the size of the military forces involved was appropriate for the task, and the governmental apparatus was geared too for the task. The deportations were carried out as just another military operation, without legal or civil qualifications.

["round em' all up, put em' on those boxcars, and if they give you resistance of any kind, shoot em'!!"]

[sounds like Schindler's List with Germans now in the place of Jews, does it not!!??]

[these were ethnic Germans that were prosperous, industrious, and wealthy in many cases. In a way their non-German neighbors were not. The German populace was envied and hated both. When the decision was made to create ethnically "pure" populations in the nations of eastern Europe, the ethnic German population was doomed!!]

Ethnic Germans, persons that had been living in ethnic communities in many cases for centuries, were rounded up, told they were no longer wanted, and unceremoniously loaded onto railroad boxcars, and shipped to Germany, a place almost all of them had never even been to. In most cases they were allowed to take with them only what they could carry, quite often NOT even that!!

It is estimated that anywhere from 2 million to 2 1/2 million ethnic Germans perished during this massive deportation.

Some persons deem this deportation to be an act of genocide, others do not.

Nonetheless, whatever you call it, the loss of life was staggering.

DO NOT think for a moment that such a thing will occur in the U.S. At this exact moment, it DOES seem that some sort of "earned legalization" will be given to the illegal alien population of the U.S.

Railroad box cars and a one-way trip back to Mexico is NOT in the cards.

For some folks, however, such a draconian approach to the problem is probably a major wish. My perception of what folks are thinking.

[please look carefully at the photo accompanying this blog. You see almost no men. One man that appears to be a deportee, and another who might be a railroad man. All the rest are women and small children. All the men were probably seized and sent to the Soviet Union as impressed laborers or JUST SHOT out of hand!! Men were defined probably as all males fourteen years and older!! Such is the nature of draconian methods!!]




Anonymous JSBolton said...

This could be the hugest instance of ethnic cleansing in history; yet, since it was done in the name of anti-nationalism, of international socialism or communist security, it is taboo to mention it.
There were also the millions of Poles and others moved into German areas; but this was also forced. They did not trust the communists telling them to vacate entirely several million acres for the use of Russians, any more than the Russians moved into Polish areas, believed that they were going to get such improved housing.
Over 20 million forced out in a year or so,in an area with less than 80 million, is over 25%. This leaves open whether there is not some equivocation on the term "mass deportation". America deports over 1 million per year, is this mass deportation? Would 2 million be such, or only a larger number in a a year? Where is that threshold where the slippery slope to mass deportation in the ethnic cleansing or genocide sense is believed to start? Percentages and methods and legality of residency would all seem to be relevant to this determination.

3:44 AM


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