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Sunday, May 14, 2006


This is coolbert:

 There is an adage that says, "a little bit of knowledge can be dangerous."

Obviously, this is true.

I am listening to the Dennis Prager radio talk show Friday at noon.

The topic for discussion is the latest "spy scandal". How the National Security Agency [NSA], is collecting phone records and data mining the called numbers.

Trying to find instances using sophisticated computer algorithms that will lead NSA to terrorists.

A whole host of persons are calling the radio talk show to speak to Dennis.

They seem to mostly feel that they do not mind having their phone conversations monitored by the government.

Well, THIS IS NOT WHAT IS HAPPENING. Folks seem to feel that the NSA IS monitoring their phone conversations [actually listening in to and hearing] with this program. THAT IS NOT WHAT IS HAPPENING. Data mining is occurring. Totally legal and to be expected. Something that is settled case law.

But that is not what people are hearing or understanding. They hear that the NSA is going over their phone records and they instantly think, "I am being listened to", when that is not the fact.

Perhaps another adage should apply here. "Ignorance is bliss!!"




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