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Sunday, May 07, 2006


This is coolbert:

Please look closely at the photo accompanying this blog entry.

Shows Israeli "Gadna" [Bow and Arrow] youth on the rifle range.

Firing M-16 rifles.

These are teenage youth of high school age going through a regimen of pre-induction training prior to conscription into the Israeli Army.

Note in the photo the bracket that the barrel of the M-16 has been placed through.

The shooter, after going to the prone position, must place the barrel of the M-16 through the bracket prior to loading, aiming, and firing at the target.

This IS a good feature. Prevents a stupid person, not knowing better, from moving the muzzle of the loaded rifle to the right or left and creating, conciously or otherwise, an unsafe situation. Prevents persons either side of the shooter from getting shot by an accidental discharge.

The entire milieu of that rifle range looks well thought out. Overhead cover, ear muffs for ear protection, and that bracket.

YOU DO NOT want untrained novices doing dumb things on the rifle range and shooting unsuspecting fellow recruits. Even "experts" on the range can make stupid mistakes and either shoot themselves or fellow soldiers.

Safety is paramount. The Israelis, as with many things, have carefully thought things through and found innovative solutions even in the most mundane of areas.



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