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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Military Theory IV.

This is coolbert:

Clausewitz is considered to be the GREATEST contributor to military theory as understood by the western world.

Approached war and military theory from both the cook-book, nuts and bolts aspect AND the PHILOSOPHICAL standpoint.

Clausewitz is the STANDARD against all others are judged with regard to military theory.

It is important to note that the great work of Clausewitz on military theory, "On War", was an UNFINISHED work. Clausewitz, writing the book while serving as commandant of the {Prussian military academy, passed on during a cholera epidemic before his opus magnus could be completed.

Clausewitz is undeniably a man of the most profound intellectual brilliance. This may seem to the modern world as a contradiction. That a military man can be a philosopher of the foremost ranking. Yet it seems to be true. Clausewitz, even when not serving in his pedagogical role as commandant of a military academy, indulged in all manner of intellectual pursuits beyond the military sphere. A fertile mind of intensity.

Once again, according to Fuller:

"In my opinion, Clausewitz's level is on that of Copernicus, Newton, and Darwin."

And, according to Du Puy:

"Clausewitz was an intellectual giant worth of comparison . . . with his contemporary philosophers Kant and Hegel."

However, as with most philosophical works, "On War" is a hard read. Of course, the English speaker is reading a translation from the original German. To the degree that works of philosophy can be translated without losing meaning is something that I cannot speculate about.

It would almost seem that the translation of "On War" needs to be ANNOTATED by the "experts", the "experts" being in agreement to the extent that they can be. I am not sure if this has been or can be done?




Blogger Craig Hullinger said...

Excellent analysis of Clausewitz. He was a brillian military thinker.

However, I prefer the simpler maixms of the Marine Corps.

Close with and destroy the enemy with fire and maneuver

8:08 AM


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