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Thursday, April 20, 2006


This is coolbert:

Here is an interesting web site detailing the Filipino Muslim [Moro] "custom" of juramentado.

The process by which a Moro would gain entry to paradise by the killing of Christians in a religious frenzy.

This phenomenon is NOT new to that area. This particular article mentions juramentado being common from the time of the SPANISH pacification of the Philippine island of Jolo in 1876.

The same part of the world now infested by the terrorists of the Abu Sayyaf gang. Affiliated with Al Qaeda.

While being physically unimpressive by western standards, the Filipino people and the Moros in particular have demonstrated on many occasions that they possess a formidable fighting spirit and skill. Have at their disposal a variety of martial arts with associated weaponry that make for a deadly combination.

From the article cited above, some interesting points. [my comments in bold.]

"In waging their individual war against the unbelievers, the Moros were more enthusiastic than religious, for they violated the strict tenets of the Mohammedan faith. The Koran expressly states that before a jihad may be waged, notice of attack must be give, the unbeliever must be called to the true faith, and the attack must not be treacherously made. The rite of the juramentado, as waged by the Moros, did not fill the injunction of jihad given in the Koran itself."

"And again in Verse 60:
'God loveth not the treacherous.'"

You can argue that Osama bin Laden is in violation of the Koran himself as he has attacked in a treacherous manner.

"A Moro who had become overzealous in religious matters decided to commit, not suicide, which was forbidden, but rather an act of constructive self-destruction, to terminate his unwillingness to live. To accomplish this act and to slay as many Christians as possible, paved the way for great renown in the other world."

That same overzealousness is described as being a trademark of the Al Qaeda fanatic.

"The waist was supported by a tight band for strengthening effect. A man so bound could remain on his feet long after an ordinary man would succumb to wounds."

As with the amok, a juramentado could remain on his feet even after having been dealt a NUMBER of death blows to the body. Still keep going on adrenaline and will power.

"The juramentado could not be called insane but was under the influence of a frenzied religious excitement."

Those jury members just at this moment debating the fate of Zacharias the captured terrorist should consider this specific blog entry.

"If the enemy was vanquished in the attack and the juramentado escaped with his life after slaughtering the Christians, he passed to Paradise forty years after the battle."

The number forty appears again. Once more forty is a number in scripture that has great significance. The end of one era and the start of another.

"The utter disregard for death held by the juramentado Moro probably remains unequalled in history. In Mindanao and Sulu, we have the astounding picture of a race of men who sought death as a blessing. And with little wonder, for they were informed by the Koran:

'And say not of those who are slain in fight for the religion of God, that they are dead; yea they are living, but ye do not understand.' II, 155."

This is keeping with Shia beliefs that martyrs in the cause of Islam DO NOT ACTUALLY die. I have blogged about this before. What is thought is that at the moment of what appears to be death, an angel whisks the martyr away in coporeal form to paradise while a false image is left behind for the enemy to behold. The enemy sees a dead body, but what is seen is not the ACTUAL martyr, who is already in paradise!!!???

"but ye do not understand"

Well, true. We do not understand! YES?!



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