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Tuesday, April 04, 2006


This is coolbert:

Oleg Taktarov.

The "Russian Bear" [a big fuzzy, friendly bear I hope!]. A formidable martial artist, skilled in jiu-jitsu, wrestling, and Russian sambo. A winner of the Ultimate Fighting Challenge [UFC] competition. In terms of hand to hand combat, one of the most dangerous men on earth, period!!

From the bio of Oleg:

"During his service in the Russian military, Oleg trained his fellow soldiers in hand-to-hand combat and worked with the Russian Special Forces unit Spetsnaz on military Sambo. He also trained members of Russian law enforcement agencies including the tax police and the federal security service. After developing his skills in Russia, he first came to the States in 1994."

[Oleg was a trainer of Spetsnaz in military sambo.]

With regard to the UFC competition that Oleg won:

"With iron intensity, Oleg rushed Mad Dog and imposed an inescapable choke. In just 21 seconds, Macias was beating the canvas in a tap-out submission to Oleg's powerful lock. "Nobody in America knows this stuff" said a triumphant "Bear" after the match was dominated by his unique style of decisive holds."

"'Nobody in America knows this stuff'"

"his unique style of decisive holds"

NOBODY in American DID know that stuff!! Meaning the submission holds. Decisive holds? NO, death dealing holds known only to practitioners of military sambo, more specifically, the members of "professional" Spetsnaz units.

According to Suvorov:

"There is evidence that many of the holds in battle sambo are not so much secret as of limited applications. Only in special teaching institutions, like the Dinamo Army and Zenit clubs, are these holds taught. They are needed only by those directly involved in actions connected with the defense and consolidation of the regime."

[what is being described here are specialized holds and chokes developed for battle sambo but taught to ONLY certain specific troops, those of more than likely "professional" units. I.E., killer elites whose mission would be to eliminate the highest command echelon of a foreign power.]




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