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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Krag & Kris.

This is coolbert:

 "Damn, damn, damn the Filipinos! 
Cut throat khaki ladrones
Underneath the starry flag, 
Civilize them with a Krag, 
And return us to our beloved home."

[favorite saying of American troops in the Philippines during the "Insurrection" of 1900. Ladrones is thief in Spanish.]

Please go back to my recent blog entry about the Filipino Muslim [Moro] custom of juramentado.

Examine closely the photo that accompanies the blog entry. The photo of a Moro in battle dress.

This Moro is carrying a full array of weaponry. Ready to kill all enemies and take on all comers [that would include just about anyone!!].

[probably either captured or stolen from American forces!!]

To include the Krag rifle, a revolver [presumably a .38 ACP or .38 Special], plenty of ammo for both the rifle and the revolver [note the ammunition belts for both!!], and a SWORD, a Moro kris. The latter razor sharp, possessing an edge as fine as any Damascus steel. In fact, probably is made of what could only be called Damascus steel [wootz], the technique for making such steel weapons imported by Islamic traders centuries earlier.

[remember, that sword is NOT for just dramatic effect. It WOULD be used to kill you in close combat, the Moro PREFERRING that form of battle!!]

The Krag, immortalized in the little American ditty, is often referred to as a black powder weapon, but it is not. Was described as having a 30-40 caliber, meaning a thirty caliber bullet propelled by 40 grains of black powder. This nomenclature is correct, but the forty grains of powder were SMOKELESS, the older description commonly used for black powder weapons still being retained with the Krag.



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