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Thursday, May 25, 2006


This is coolbert:

Go here to read a chapter from the journals of Gestapo Mueller.

Heinrich Mueller [there are various spellings of Mueller].

The last top Nazi war criminal that has not been accounted for.

Mueller was in a category with Martin Bormann and Joseph Mengele. Both Bormann and Mengele have been accounted for, but not Mueller.

Over the years, various accounts have been proposed as for what happened to Mueller after the end of World War Two [WW2].

* Mueller was killed at the end of the war, his body not found.

* Mueller was killed at the end of the war, his body identified.

* Mueller became a spy master for the Soviets.

* Mueller became a spy master for the Americans [CIA].

* Mueller ran the Nazi post-WW2 underground [Odessa].

[the Israeli secret service agent Peter Malkin said he DID see Mueller some time after the ending of WW2. Purportedly espied Mueller while doing a surveillance in Germany. This account has been discounted and pooh-poohed. I tend to believe it. Malkin was a reputable agent [the man who actually laid hands on Eichmann] and observer of minutae. He may very well have seen Mueller!]

"It had been learned that the son of Gestapo chief Muller . . . had purchased a ticket for Brazil . . . a middle-aged man strode out the front door . . . But from his bearing, from something in this stride I knew this man was SS! . . . That night we got a picture of Muller. . . . some scoff at the very notion . . . but the two of us are absolutely certain . . . It was him!"

From the translations of the Mueller journals, it seems that Mueller DID go to work for the CIA after the war. Was a success too. Had the ear of the highest echelons of the U.S. government. Even was a confident to President Truman.

You can buy and read the whole book by clicking here.

Trouble with all this.

It seems that the Mueller journals are a fake. A forgery. So some have maintained.

If so, the forgery is very well done. Makes plausible sense and is interesting reading. Especially if you are interested in history, WW2, etc. The author apparently has done a lot of research and knows his stuff. Homework has been done.

Read an interview with the author of the book .

Read an alternative and not so complimentary view of the author.

This question always arises in my mind when I read this stuff. Why does the author have to present the work as authentic? Why not write it and present it as a historical novel or an alternative fictional post-WW2 history. Something that COULD have happened but is acknowledged from the start as being fiction.

Presenting this as a factual work is a form of con. The goal is not so much financial gain as it is a power trip. The ability to fool someone and do so in a big way is a great "rush" to many folks. Apparently here too.

[all things Nazi and Hitler just seem to have a very long shelf life, for some reason. A lot of interest in the Third Reich. Witness the "Hitler Diaries" etc. And this too!!]



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