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Monday, May 22, 2006


This is coolbert:

 "you can't cut down a forest without making some chips fly!!".

It should well be understood that the mass deportation of millions of ethnic Germans at the end of World War Two [WW2] was just one of a number of such "movements" that occurred in the aftermath of the conflict.

This would include the "movements", forcible or otherwise, of displaced persons [DP's] prisoners of war [POW], refugees, political prisoners, impressed laborers, etc. The "movement" of the ethnic Germans did NOT exist in a vacuum.

The "movements" of persons on such a "Biblical" scale seems to require several wherewithals to be successful.

These wherewithals would include:

* A physical wherewithal to make the "movement" possible. This would include large numbers of military or quasi-military personnel. Persons able to expedite the "movement".

* A wherewithal of the WILL. A political apparatus making the decision to carry out the "movement", and having the WILL to see the "thing" through.

Also, in the background, implied or otherwise, probably must exist the capability to use LETHAL FORCE to accomplish the "movement". If you as the person being "moved" do not go along with the program, you may GET SHOT!!

WILL would include the lack of regard for niceties and legalisms. In the aftermath of WW2, "movements" became routine and seemed to be just an adjunct to what had gone before. The attitude in 1945 must have been, "well, a couple million might die during these "movements", but then, fifty million have already died!!"

DO NOT expect to ever see such draconian methods used against illegal aliens in the U.S. Wherewithal of the physical and will is both lacking!!

As to the use of lethal force even to protect the border from intruders, well, forget that too!!



Anonymous JSBolton said...

I wouldn't expect to see such methods being used here in peacetime. Although:" Of course, Malaysia just deported around the same number of illegals, adjusted for population. And the U.S. deported around 1 million illegals back in the 1950s with [...] just 700 agents (see Handbook of Texas Online: OPERATION WETBACK)." quoted from an economist.
The unspecifiable threshold beyond which our deportations of 1+ million per annum, become what some would call genocidal 'mass deportation', is surely avoided with permanent deportations of under 2 million a year; and that would clear them out in a few years.
US soldiers would plant land mines on the border if that were our policy; no country's soldiers have ever mutinied or resigned en masse, that I know of, from having been ordered to do that.
Yet such a policy is the same in effect, as having border guards shoot civilians for immigration law violation; so border enforcement seems altogether practical.

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