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Saturday, May 27, 2006

East Timor.

This is coolbert:

I see that the Australian military has sent more contingents to East Timor. To suppress disturbances in that troubled land.

Of course Timor is in Australia's back yard. So you would expect they would feel some sort of obligation to help the folks of that impoverished nation. Just as they did when East Timor got it's independence a few years ago. An independence gained after much intensive struggle and bloodshed.

[some have stated that what occurred in East Timor prior to independence was genocide on the part of the Indonesian military. This is disputed.]

The Australian military does seem to have strong emotional ties to Timor and the Timorese people.

Ties that go back to World War Two [WW2]. Defense of the island was a priority for the Australians at the time. A defense against Japanese attack that proved to be unsuccessful, when such attack DID come.

Even in defeat, Australian troops with the aid of the Timorese civilians loyal to them, proved their mettle in a sustained guerilla warfare campaign against the Japanese invader. A campaign that had the desired effect.

[keep in mind that the Timorese had very little to gain from aiding the Australian troops. But they DID SO, with remarkable selflessness!!]

A strong bond was developed between the Australians and Timorese that lasts to this day. A bond that the Australians, to their credit, continue to foster, through help of a military nature and otherwise. NOT totally altruism of course, but a lot of it nonetheless!!

Admirable. I hope that what is occurring now in East Timor can be resolved. Good luck to the Aussies and their Timorese friends.



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